• Sales & Service

    Sales & Service

    Advice from our experienced staff. Take advantage of the sales team's decades of experience.

  • Materials


    Primary materials – storage. Supplies from ISO-certified steel producers form the basis for our renowned and diverse range of products.

  • Forging Press

    Forging Press

    Printing with 3,500 tonnes' worth of energy. Process-controlled forging furnaces with up to 250 tonnes of furnace capacity ensure appropriate heat conduction.

  • Hammer Mill

    Hammer Mill

    Open die forging under the hammer. At Hammerwerk, we use steam hammers with a ram weight of 400 to 3000 kg.

  • Ring-Rolling Mill

    Ring-Rolling Mill

    Seamless, precise and with clean surfaces. On three ring rolling mills, pre-three-dimensionally forged perforated discs are rolled into seamless rings.

  • Heat Treatment

    Heat Treatment

    Program-controlled treatment as per quality requirements. The manufactured products are subjected to the required heat treatment.

  • Machine Shop

    Machine Shop

    Turning - Drilling - Milling. An overview of the mechanical equipment of our machining department

  • Material Testing

    Material Testing

    All standard industry tests required for open die forgings and rings can be carried out and certified.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    All Hammerwerk Erft manufacturing operations are subject to checks as per our company's quality management manual.

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