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Ring-Rolling Mill

Seamless precision-rings with a clean surface. 

Our two ring-rolling mills equipped with modern controlling and measuring devices roll three-dimensional pre-forged punched disks to seamless rings. 

Axial-radial rolling is done with an open groove: 

  • single weights of 15 to 4000 kg 
  • outside diameters from 250 to 2800 mm 
  • heights from 45 to 700 mm
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  • Rolled Rings

    Rolled Rings

    With our modern ring-rolling mills we are able to manufacture seamless rolled rings with an outside diameter of approx. 250 to 2800 mm and a height of approx. 45 to 700 mm within a weight range of approx. 15 to 4000 kg.   

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Nächste Messe

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