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"With our machinery, we are able to mechanically process all of the products of our thermoforming operations. This allows for both cost-effective further processing and time savings for our customers."
Erwin Metzen, Machine Shop Operations Manager

Machine Shop

Turning – boring – milling 

A view of our machine shop shows various types of machinery such as:

  • vertical boring and turning mills with a machining diameter of up to approx. 2.800 mm 
  • centre lathes up to a max. length of 10.000 mm 
  • special-type lathes for boring and turning hollow-forged
    shafts  and cylinders 
  • boring and milling machines 
  • face lathes 

Depending on the requirements either conventional or CNC-controlled machines are used. 

All products from our thermoforming operations can of course be mechanically processed. As required by the customer, this is done using cutting allowances on preturned dimensions, or alternatively any time up to finishing, according to our capacities. 

Hammerwerk Erft has become a specialist in delivering the perfect template for your further use.

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